April 4,2020

Hello guys!! I just added screencaps of the most recent work by Peyton, it’s a short film that you can watch on youtube, check out below!!!

May 5,2015

Yesterday Victoria Justice itself, lead actress of The Outskirts, posted on his twitter account the new poster of the film, where Peyton List plays the character of Mackenzie. He also unveiled the official release date of “The Outskirts” will be in theaters next November 6. As they come out new images or news about the film will be report.

Poster x2 photos.

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May 5,2015
by admin / News Photos Photoshoots

Peyton List has granted the New York Daily News interview with a photographic report. It talks about many issues: how it started, her appearances in films, their current job “Jessie”, their new projects, etc. I leave the whole story so you can read in peace.

Peyton List is poised to dominate the magic kingdom this year as she wraps up four seasons on the hit “Jessie,” where the model/actress has become a household name by playing the oldest of three kids tended by the titular nanny.

But with a new movie and an album also in the works, List is ready to show the rest of the world what the PG-set has known for years: that the talented 17-year-old stunner is a force to be reckoned with, and her “Pey Day” has come.

“I like that becoming famous hasn’t happened overnight,” says the grounded List, who caught the acting bug after seeing “Wicked” on Broadway when she was 6. “It happens so quickly for some people, and I feel like that’s really difficult. My success has happened inch by inch, and I’m happy. I just want to take things slower.”

Good luck with that! List’s career is about to speed into overdrive. The Brooklyn-born star is bringing her beloved, fashion-obsessed character Emma to a “Jessie” spinoff that begins shooting this spring — just before her new movie “The Outskirts” hits theaters in June.

You can read the whole story in NYDAILYNEWS.COM

NY Daily News – Elise Gannett x13 photos.

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April 4,2015

When it comes to being fashion savvy, Peyton List might be one of the most proficient Disney Channel stars out there. So it makes total sense that she hosted the launch of YAM Bonpoint in Los Angeles.

The Palihouse rooftop was the place to be as Peyton List helped celebrate the relase of the Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Peyton and Spencer List hung out in the photobooth, they got inked with temporary tattoos, and just hung out with friends in the LA sun.

Bonpoint Celebrates the YAM Spring/Summer 2015 Collection x15 photos.

YAM Spring/Summer 2015 Collection – Photobooth x28 photos.

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April 4,2015

On April 25 they were held in Los Angeles, the Radio Disney Music Awards. The event was held at the Nokia Center. He was attended by numerous celebrities, but most came disney star or stars that are currently involved in various TV shows that have Disney Channel, Disney XD, etc. Between all these celebrities could be seen on the red carpet Peyton List, it was beautiful. She did not present any awards but obviously attended the event.

2015 Radio Disney Music Awards x143 photos.

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Also I leave a video of red carpet where you can see Peyton List by interviewing celebrities. Including Beatrice Miller and Carly Rae Jepsen.

April 4,2015

Have already left the stills of the next chapter of “Jessie” which is the number 10. Also the chapter name and a brief synopsis of the chapter. The name of the chapter is “Bye Bye Bertie“. Here the abstract and the photos I leave.

Bertram has had enough, so decides to quit and to go work for Mrs. Chesterfield. Meanwhile, the Ross family hires a new butler, Roger, who takes his job very seriously

4×10. Bye Bye Bertie x2 photos.

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April 4,2015

Yesterday issued on Disney Channel USA the 9th Chapter of the 4th Season of “Jessie“. The chapter entitled “Driving Miss Crazy“.

Emma wants her license, so Jessie teaches her how to drive. Ravi and Luke accidentally break one of Zuri’s games, forcing a stand-off.

I leave screenshots I made of Peyton List in chapter:

S04E09. Driving Miss Crazy x767 photos.

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April 4,2015
by admin / Photos Photoshoots

Has posted a new photoshoot Peyton List made by the photographer Amy Sussman. It appears that the photos were taken this week in New York City during the last visit of Peyton. The images are as LQ, if they leave with a better quality publish them.

Amy Sussman x24 photos.

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